Hybrid systems with separate jack

You already know intec’s exclusive hybrid systems for buildings and big suburbs. Now we would like to let you know about some new happenings.

  • Its capacity increased to serve 240 houses or apartments
  • We offer now the version with separate jack; this provides cable savings and a faster installation.
  • The connection between door phone hybrid systems is with 6 wires (UTP-4)
  • They are cheaper than digital systems of any other trademark
  • They don’t require differentiators or nod stations, this simplifies installation avoiding deprogramming
  • They include access control, allowing to assign a key to every apartment
  • A digital keyboard substitutes buttons, reducing space and improving the property

Bot design entry panel wins the 2011 Quorum design award
Intec received the 2011 Quorum award in the Product Design category with “Bot” entry panel on May 23, 2011 at the majestic Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City. The design of this original entry panel is based on the elegance and friendliness of butlers who used to announce visitors being the first contact with a home. The “Bot” entry panel does the same, with its friendly face, its slender shape and elegant finish.

If you don’t have your 2013 Catalog, please request it with Rybana.

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